UAN- Universal Account Number

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Many people have heard about the UAN especially in association with employees’ provident fund. This article will clearly explain to you what exactly UAN is. The word UAN is an acronym meaning universal account number and it’s given to individuals who are employees as well as employers. They contain multiple member IDs, which are issued to people by various organizations.

The main reason as to why the linking of multiple numbers of identification for members is done is to enable the members view the details linked to the identification number. If you already possess the identification number, it’s advisable for you to provide it to your potential employer. This is because he or she can easily access your information and link up member number of identification to the issued universal number of identification. The UAN has numerous benefits. They include;

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  1. The use and transfer of the PF balance in the account is much easier that it was before
  2. The UAN will remain unchanged even if you decide to change jobs throughout your career lifetime
  3. The employees can easily view, withdraw or even transfer the EPF balance, check on the transfer status for the claim, download the UAN card or KYC documents’ update
  4. The members are able to receive an SMS on the phones when the provident fund are deposited
  5. One can easily apply for the transfer of the provident fund on line if you have an UAN
  6. The transfer or even withdrawal of PF does not take so much time. However for those processes to be fast, you need to have the UAN.

How to access your universal account number details:

You can easily be able to access your UAN details when you log onto the member UAN portal website and the steps are quite simple. For you to be redirected to the page, you can easily click onto the below link-

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How to easily download the UAN card:

  • Log into using your issued username and password
  • Click on the download option
  • You can decide to print out the hard copy of the card or save the document as a soft copy onto your computer

It is vital for everyone to make sure that they have the Universal Account Number since there are a number of things that are only accessible to a person with that number. This number is gaining a lot of popularity in the country and so many types of information are being linked to it. In the future, this card will be a necessity for every working citizen to possess. Therefore it is important for one to acquire it now before the process becomes accessed by so many people making it becomes difficult for you to acquire the number.

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The number will serve you as an employee till your retirement age. It has so many advantages that accompany it; employees should be able to easily adapt to the changes in terms of the universal account number introduction.

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