UAN Activation

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For one to activate the universal account number he or she needs to follow certain steps. They are quite simple and easily understood. An individual only requires to follow the instruction carefully and keenly. Sometimes back, for one to activate his or her UAN, they needed to log onto the EPFO official website. That was the only way available for activation.

However, due to the development in technology, the process has been made much easier and diverse. This is to mean that for you to be able to activate the number, you might decide to use the mobile application or even the SMS and quite recently the missed call services have been established and added to the available option of activation.

When you use any of the three available options, you can get your provident fund details easily and fast in a very short time. This article will discuss three available activation options.

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  • Through the mobile application
  • Using an SMS
  • Missed call service so as to receive the PF details

UAN activation using the mobile application:

For you to acquire the mobile application, you are first required to visit the Google Play store so as to download the activation app. This is the safest approach when you wish to use the app. However, there are other various apps or even links through which you can obtain the mobile app but they may not be so safe for your mobile device. They can cause device damage or transfer viruses  to the device.

The obtained app may be quite useful in the following ways;

  1. Pensioner can easily access the disbursement pension details
  2. Employee can obtain the PF balance details or the credit alerts
  3. The employer can keep track of the PF remittances
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One can download the mobile app for the activation process when they click on the below link.

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SMS based activation process:

Members can use their mobile devices to send an SMS so that they can get their UAN activated. Use the below format when sending the SMS


ACT, 012345678901, XXXXX 012345678901234567

And Send this SMS to 07738299899

It is important to note that when sending the sms there is no spacing before or after the commas.

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Missed call provision for the activation of UAN activation:

The registered members can make a missed call to this phone number 011 – 22901406. After making the call, you will receive the latest details on the contribution as well as the PF balance if the UAN of that member is seeded on to the bank account number, Aaadhar number or PAN.

The above options are the ones available for the activation of the number. The processes are all quite simple to understand and carry out. The life of the citizens has been made much easier with the use of technology.

A person who is not so good with technology is advised to make use of the SMS activation method. It is quite easy and anyone can easily do it. It does not involved complex processes or steps.

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