PF withdrawal Rules

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New Rules for Withdrawal of PF:

The Employee Provident Fund (EPF), directed by EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization, a statutory body under the work service, service of money), offers representatives some assistance with saving a little portion of their compensation consistently and along these lines, construct a corpus which is assessment absolved for use in the fag end of their lives or retirement. Though, EPFO is a long haul funds apparatus, basically went for an anxiety free retirement, salaried representatives might pull back their cash in their EPF record to take into account diverse money related necessities or at the season of any real life occasions, for example, weddings, home remodel/change and restorative treatment among others. All associations which have utilized more than 20 representatives ought to obligatorily enroll with EPFO. To make the ideal utilization of the EPF account, salaried representatives must know about what a provident asset account involves and how it is worked.

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Representative Provident asset (EPF):

It is vital to note that 12% of the essential pay of a salaried representative (notwithstanding dearness remittance and money estimation of sustenance recompenses, if any) is deducted from his or her compensation on a month to month premise as commitment towards an EPF account. Be that as it may, from the business’ commitment, 8.33% is stored in the Employee Pension Scheme (EPS) while just 3.67% is kept in the EPF account. The present rate of enthusiasm (for monetary year 2015-16) for an EPF record is 8.7% p.a. The rate of hobby is liable to change each year, as reported each year by EPFO.

EPF account withdrawal Procedure:

In the event that salaried persons wish to pull back their EPF accounts, they need to submit structure 19 to their ex-businesses, who thus, need to sign and confirm it. To finish the withdrawal methodology, members need to submit different documents, to be specific, acquiescence letter and a drop check notwithstanding shape 19 to the EPFO.

EPF withdrawal rules:

Note that withdrawal of the EPF account by a salaried worker between exchanging occupations his or her employments is illicit. According to PF withdrawal governs, a salaried representative can pull back a provident asset account on two checks; initially, in the event that he or she has no occupation and second, if two months have passed since his or her last business (not appended to any association or unemployed for 2 months). All things considered, there are cases wherein representatives – expecting an awkward cases procedure might pull back their EPF account at the season of leaving an association. In any case, aside from the lawful point, specialists don’t suggest taking after the previously stated practice from the viewpoint of budgetary administration too in that a salaried representative can’t profit of a few advantages of keeping up a provident asset account including charge free intrigue, yearly intensifying and necessary long haul reserve funds among others. Specialists, along these lines,, guidance workers to rather exchange the EPF parity in their past manager’s record into the record of their present boss. In any case, the administration of India’s Unique Account Number or UAN streamlines the strategy (administration and exchange) given that it is apportioned to every single salaried representative and won’t change all through their vocations. Salaried workers will, along these lines, not be given another record number when they bounce employments or organizations.

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EPF withdrawal rules & their  Purposes:

Salaried representatives might pull back cash from their EPF accounts for different purposes, subject to specific conditions. People need to outfit a few documents notwithstanding meeting the qualification criteria according to epf withdrawal rules. The rundown of purposes and quantum of commitment which can be pulled back are recorded underneath:

  • Marriage A salaried individual can pull back for self, kin and kids. He or she ought to, nonetheless, have finished at least seven years of administration to pull back half of commitment (thrice in a profession).
  • Medical treatment A salaried individual can pull back up to either six times of his or her month to month pay or aggregate corpus towards medicinal treatment of self, folks, life partner and youngsters.
  • Construction/Purchase of plot If a salaried individual wishes to pull back from an EPF represent the reason for either development or buy of a plot, the property must be registered in his or her name, life partner or be mutually held. At least five years of administration is required to pull back a sum which is 24 times the pay of the record holder. For development of a house, 36 times of the pay of a record holder can be pulled back. Note that withdrawal for said reason should be possible just once amid the administration of a record holder.
  • Home Loan Repayment If a salaried individual wishes to pull back from an EPF represent the motivation behind home advance reimbursement, the house ought to be registered in his or her name, life partner or be held together. At least 10 years of administration is required to pull back up to 36 times of the compensation of a record holder.
  • House remodel/change If a salaried individual wishes to pull back from an EPF represent the reason for house redesign or modification, the house ought to be registered in his or her name, life partner or be held together. At least five years of administration is required to pull back around 12 times of the month to month compensation of a record holder.
  • Retirement An individual must be 54 years of age to pull back up to 90% of the corpus of his or her provident asset account.
  • Miscellaneous Individuals can pull back from their EPF represent different reasons, for example, untimely retirement as an aftereffect of any physical or mental handicap, moving abroad for the purpose of better occupation or settling down in an outside nation.

EPF withdrawal sum: Taxation

On the off chance that a salaried representative picks withdrawal after nonstop administration of five years or above, there will be no TDS derivation on the sum. It is essential to note that if withdrawal is made before the fruition of five years of consistent administration, the sum pulled back will be assessable. As indicated by new EPF rules reported by the account clergyman in spending plan for monetary year 2015-16, EPF withdrawal (assessable) will pull in TDS finding at the rate of 10% (in instances of registered PAN) or up to a greatest of 30% (in instances of unregistered PAN). In any case, no TDS will be deducted if the withdrawal sum is under Rs.30,000. Note that an individual can submit frame 15G amid the season of withdrawal if his or her wage is not exactly the fundamental exclusion restrain even after the expansion of the provident asset withdrawal sum. On the off chance that a supporter does not present his or her PAN, TDS will be deducted at 34% on his or her pulled back sum. On the off chance that salaried persons need to stay away from TDS, they can submit frame no. 15H (senior nationals) or 15G for sum up to Rs.3 lakh and Rs.2.5 lakh separately (both the said structures are announcement shapes which can be utilized by workers whose wage is not exactly the assessable sum). It is essential to note that there will be no TDS reasoning in instances of exchange of a provident asset record and end of a job contract as an aftereffect of falling flat wellbeing (representative), end/suspension of a business wander (boss) or some other cause which may not be in the space of a worker.

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EPF account withdrawals: Grievances

The Consumer Protection Act incorporates a nitty gritty strategy to determine different grievances of EPF record holders. An individual or member can sign on to the official site of EPFO at and snap the tab ‘register grievance’. A member can enlist a wide range of grievances versus withdrawal of EPF record, protection advantage (installment), plan endorsement, exchange of the record, check removal and PF equalization issuance among others.

EPF online direct withdrawal office

All lumbering printed material identified with withdrawal of EPF record might be a relic of times gone by. EPFO expects to dispatch an online office for PF withdrawal in 2016. EPFO, which presently has more than five crore members, is wanting to settle PF claims in three hours after receipt of a withdrawal application (online application will be exchanged to the ledgers of endorsers). To the end, EPFO has turned into UIDAI’s enlistment center. While around 92 lakh endorsers gave their Aadhaar numbers, EPFO confirmed around 64 lakh numbers as such (as of October 2015) for connecting it with UANs.

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