Ifsc bank codes

IFSC codes are very important for you. That is why on this page you can search bank by IFSC codes. In addition you can get IFSC code full form also. So that it helps you to use NEFT and IMPS. Even IFSC codes are useful for RTGS. Finally you can easily search bank by IFSC code.

What is IFSC code?

IFSC code full form is Indian Financial System Code. People also call it as IFS Code or simply IFSC. Moreover IFSC is useful in electronic funds transfer. But you must remember some points here. And it is that these transfers are in India only.

Further IFSC code is alphanumeric code. Every bank branch has one code. However it is only for banks which are part of Payment and Settlement systems in India. And these are RTGS and NEFT systems.

Here RTGS full form is Real Time Gross Settlement. Whereas NEFT full form is National Electronic Fund Transfer. In addition it is useful if you know IFSC format. For this you can continue reading.

Format of IFSC code in India

IFSC code has 11 characters. In addition there are first four alphabetic characters. These alphabets are bank name. On other hand other six characters can be numeric. However they can be alphabets also. Finally these represent branch.

Additionally you must remember one more thing. And it is that fifth character in IFSC code is zero. Besides this zero is for future use only. There is also PIN code finder.

Use of bank IFS code

There are many uses of Indian Financial System Code. First is that both NEFT and RTGS systems use it. Second they use it to deliver messages to destination bank branches. Thus they are very useful. Below you can find format of Indian Financial System Code also.

Format of IFSC code

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Bank code 0 Branch code

Things to know about IFSC bank codes

On this page you find list of all banks in India. It can be IFSC code ICICI bank. Or IFSC code Bank of Baroda or IFSC code HDFC bank. You can also check IFSC code SBI Bank, IFSC code Canara Bank, IFSC code Axis bank. Further this list is IFSC code finder.

That is why you get Bank of India IFSC code, PNB IFSC code. Thus it helps you to find IFSC code of different banks.

On other hand IFSC system is for domestic transactions only. Therefore every bank branch has IFSC code. Further it is possible to search IFSC code by account number. And this IFSC code becomes unique identifier of banks.

Whereas SWIFT code is for international transactions. And this is not particular for branches of banks.

Steps to find IFSC bank codes

  • First you select bank name
  • Select state, district, city and branch
  • After you select all fields
  • You will get complete list of IFSC code
  • Finally this list has bank and branch name
  • It also has IFSC code, city, district, state, address and contact number

Thus it is simple to check IFSC bank codes of bank branches in India. Finally all this is possible with IFSC code finder. In addition you can use BSR bank codes finder.

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