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There are numerous ways through which a member can acquire about his or her balance. In the recent years the Employee Provident fund organization has successfully launched several ways in which a person can easily inquire more about their fund balance.

These facilities include missed call and a mobile app balance inquiry services. These are all enormous efforts to keep up with the growing numbers of people joining the organization and also the growth of technology over the years. After the adaptation of digital innovations the provident fund organization has several methods of checking for the balance. This article will elaborate more on the numerous methods of balance inquiry.

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Using UAN to check on the PF balance:

UAN is an acronym meaning Universal Account Number. It’s a number that is unique to each employee who is member of the provident fund. This numbers remain constant throughout employees working career. It does not change when a person switches from one job to another. Theemployers are responsible in letting their employees know about the UAN. However as an employee you can decide to generate it yourself. The organization gives the account to UAN members and also the account portal of UAN gives its facilities to the members of EPF.

Once you have successfully activated your account you should be receiving monthly SMS on the pf contribution and the current balance of the account

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Downloading of PF passbook using   the portal member:

Before the establishment of UAN portal, the way to download a PF passbook was through the member portal. The member threshold was much easier to operate and is very much useful under certain situations.

  • In the event that you have forgotten the required UAN password and you are unable to login in, the member threshold becomes quite useful.
  • The member threshold does not need any additional information during the passbook download. The only requirement is the PF number.
  • To be able to enquire about the fund balance when using member portal you are required to register. Moreover, the registration is pretty simple; it only requires information on any document of KYC.

Missed call offered services:

This one of the quickest and simplest way to check for the EPF balance. You are just required to make a call to a given number and shortly afterward a text message will be sent to your phone. Its will contain your balance account details. Moreover, this service is free of charge. The number to call is 01122901406

Mobile app for the  provident fund:

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The organization has sprang a mobile app. The app has numerous functions such as activation of your UAN pin and also the affirmation of the account balance. Both the employer and pensioner are able to use this application. Theemployer can use it in status transaction of the PF contributions while the pensioner to look at their pension status.

Through SMS services:

One can simply send a text message to 7738 299 899. This has an advantage since you can choose the language you would want to receive you message in.

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