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Check provident fund Claim Status Online:

Applying EPF now a day’s become easier and flexible. In earlier for applying or claiming EPF, applicant should have to know the rules and regulations which are furnished in a prescribed document or else he/she need to find the guidelines from the concerned person in the office. Now this procedure has changed, anyone who go for applying EPf, he/she can go online and can apply easily. Predefined application for along with the rules and regulations are made available in online. So, anyone can go through online and can apply their EPF. Hassle free service providing  is the main motto of the EPF organization.

Still few people don’t know how to utilize the service through online. Applying through online is simple and easy. All have to do by the applicant is visit the official website of the EPF. There applicant can find the complete information in detail. Every member of EPF can utilize this service. Rather than this, users can send requests and queries. With in no time they can get the response from the EPF department with respect to their query or request. There is no question about waiting time or expecting the status, everything can get through online by SMS or mail.

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Any applicant can know their information in online by entering their registered application number, they can view the status of their application. Without going anywhere simply by sitting in front of the system, users can know any information related to their application or request. Even subscribers and pensioners who submitted earlier can also know their application status or request approvals.

Having EPF number, subscribers know their information through SMS also. SMS facility is also help full to know the status of the application. They can track application status at any time by simply entering the details of PAN number applicant can know the status of their application. In fact they know the estimated time period to finish the process of  application. This will help the subscribers to know their application status without waiting.

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How To check the EPF status online?

If you want to know the status of your application, then you have to enter the application registered number along with the region where you are belongs to. Once entering the region code, automatically it will fetch the office code in the represented field.

In the next box (3rd box) have to enter the establishment code, which is seven digits. In case if you have any extension code, then enter the same in the field. It can be a number or character. Maximum of character size is 3.

Then click on status.It will give you the complete information along with the tracking status and the estimated time to complete the application process.

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By this simple process, subscribers will know the complete details of their application and how much time will take to complete the process. Make sure before it, all the information furnished properly. Otherwise there may be a chance to reject in the middle of the application process.

Complete Procedure to follow For Claiming EPF final settlement form

Know the Complete Procedure to follow For Claiming EPF final settlement form

Most of the employee are still unable to find the right procedure to claim their EPF. The reason behind it is, due to lack of communication and awareness on EPF claiming process. By following few simple steps employees can esily apply their EPF through online, here is the simple way of approach,

  1. While filling your EPF application form, you should concentrate more; every column should be filled with the BLOCK LETTERS only.
  2. In each step of the form filling procedure, applicant need to furnish the form with the required details in given columns.Applicant will get the confirmation of form successful submission through SMS.
  3. 3. Know the reason for applying EPF : At the time of applying EPF, applicant need to select a specific reason from the list given in the form. Prescribed form furnished with the following reasons and the applicant have to tick any on of them,
  4. Discharged from the service period by receiving compensation towards the industrial dispute act, 1947
  5. Taking up employment by migrating from India to abroad on permanent employment.
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III. Retired after completion of service age of 55 years or retired with the reason of incapacity / physical or mental defect.

  1. If the employee shifted to another company or organization he/she must endure by submitting form 13 for the transfer of his/her EPFO account.
  2. After submission of the EPF, applicant will get a unique registration number which is a seven digits number consits of region code as the first tree digits and the remaining digits will be auto generated. If the applicant want to check in online, then he/she must visit the website: By clicking on know your EPF status (after entering their application registered number) they can view their application status easily.
  3. In case applicant need the payment through the money order, then he/she should mention the right postal address along with pin code to receive the payment and the total amount should be less than 2000/- only. In case the amount is more than 2000/- the application form or else if the applicant need the amount to be transferred to the bank account, then he/she should write their bank account details on the top of the application.

What are the Documents should submit along with EPF form?
There is a prescribed list of documents should submit along with the EPF form by the application.

The list of documents which are mandatory as mentioned below,

Copy of passport and Visa in-case the applicant taking migration from India to other countries on permanent employment basis, along with the travel tickets. For claiming EPF balance, applicant need to submit medical certificate given by the ESI, in case the employee doesn’t undergo for medical scheme of ESI, then the applicant should submit the certificate with medical officer stamping. If the employee undergo for retirement due to unfit physically or mental defect or injured, then he/she submit the certificate of disability.

For payment through bank account, the applicant should give a blank cheque with cross marking. This is required to know the bank account number and IFSC code.

Instructions for Follow before forwarding EPF claim form:

Validate complete information furnished. Check the bank details and documents which are attached. Check the chalan amount.

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