Bsr Bank Codes

Finding BSR codes of different banks is easy now. And on page you find list of BSR codes of all banks. Thus it helps you in many ways. In addition you know how to find BSR code with BSR finder. Finally BSR code is important. You will find here more about BSR codes of Indian banks.

What is meaning of BSR code?

BSR code full form is Basic Statistical Return Code. In addition banks that register with RBI have BSR code. There are 7 numbers in BSR code. Here first three digits specify bank. Whereas other four digits indicate bank branch.

Thus only with BSR codes you can check bank branch and bank. Here you can find BSR codes of Bank of India, BSR code of Kotak Mahindra Bank, ICICI Bank BSR code.

Use of BSR code

There are many uses of BSR codes. Firstly you use them to file TDS. Second you will use BSR to file TCS. In addition here TDS means Tax Deduction at Source. Whereas TCS means Tax Collected at Source. Therefore it is very simple to file TDS and TCS returns.

Apart from this there are many other uses of BSR codes in India. Due to BSR code banks can maintain record. And this record shows online payment of taxes. Hence they are very useful to all people.

Where do I find BSR codes?

You will find BSR codes in below documents –

  • TDS certificates
  • CIN or Challan Identification Number and
  • OLTAS challan plus deduct details

Other uses of BSR codes

As you know BSR codes are very useful. They also help you in international taxation or domestic level taxation. Besides these are helpful to senior citizens. It is so because senior citizens get pensions quickly. And all of this is because of Basic Statistical Return Code.

Types of BSR codes

There are many types of BSR codes. Below you can check different types of BSR codes.


BSR 1 returns advances from branches. It is only on last Friday of June as well as December. In addition it is of two parts. Where one is accounts with limits of Rs. 10, 000 and plus. And other one is limit of Rs. 10, 000 or less than that.


This will return deposit from branches on last Friday of June and December.


This returns advances against Security of Selected Sensitive Commodities. However it is only from Head Offices on last Friday of every month.


Thus code is for return on Ownership of bank deposits. However this happens one time in two years. That too from different branches on last Friday of March.


BSR 5 is return on bank investments. Moreover it is from head office on last date of March.


BSR 6 is survey of debits to deposits accounts. Additionally it is from April to March in a year.


Finally BSR 7 is for survey on aggregate deposits. Plus it is also for gross bank credit only for quarterly. While head offices of bank do this on last Friday of June, September and December. Furthermore it is on 31 March also.

How to use BSR bank codes

You must select bank name, state, district and city. After selecting all fields you will get BSR code of that particular bank.

Thus it is simple to find BSR code of IndusInd Bank, BSR codes of SBH and BSR codes of Axis Bank. Or it can be BSR codes of banks in general. In addition you can find PIN codes or SWIFT codes as well.